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I have lived in my home for 10 years and purchased the home with very old windows. The windows had broken seals, cloudy glass and sagging window sills. I finally decided to "take the plunge" and invest in new windows. I contacted several window companies and Wisconsin Weatherall Windows was one of them. I found the bigger companies have higher overhead, which in turn, would cost me more per window. Wisconsin Weatherall Windows offered a great window with a reasonable price to include the removal of my old windows, installing and wrapping my new windows and the bonus....they replaced any rotten wood within the exsisting window opening at no extra charge! I love the perfection and care that goes into every window installed. This  company cares about their customers! That makes a huge diffence to me. Thanks Wisconsin Weatherall. I am completely satisfied with my windows.

Sharon P.

Delafield, WI 

The service I received from Wisconsin Weatherall was above and beyond the "call of duty." I am a single mom and remodeling can be a bit costly for one salary per household. I only replaced 4 windows in my home; what a difference it made. My new windows keep the noise outside! No more drafty windows! No more "cloudy look" to my windows! Most important to me is the money I will be saving every month by keeping the heat inside my house this winter.

The most amazing thing is the owner, Greg, and his son, Jake, did all of the installs themselves. Wisconsin Weatherall didn't have some other crew come and install my windows. The owner of Wisconsin Weatherall does all the installs! WOW..That's what I call customer service! Way to go Wisconsin Weatherall!

You have earned my business in the future!


Delafield, WI


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